Stop Datukship abuse!


Datukship is the most common title awarded in the country today.  As the saying goes “just throw a stone in the street and you will hit one”.

Recently it is reported that a China company’s chief executive has admitted paying US$100,000.00 for the title to a BN politician in a local media portal.  The said foreigner believes with such title he can have close connection with the politicians and royalty to conduct his business.   He alleged this is a common practice in Malaysia.

To this Deputy National Youth Chief of Parti Gerakan, Andy Yong said “it is high time to stop this nonsense as the title is an honourable one where only those who truly deserved shall be bestowed with it”

“It has been an open secret that Datoship can be conferred to anyone so long as he or she can afford to pay for it.  Many unscrupulous so-called agents or politicians had made their fortunes out of it.  Even the general public are aware that if Datoship is awarded by two particular states, it is of less value compare to others because it can be easily bought.  In some Opposition-controlled states such practice is also common where recipients are often required to pay in kind or make cash donations” added Andy.

In the yesteryears, such honorable awards were usually bestowed to aging high-ranking civil servants, politicians, High Court judges and rich philanthropists.  Today many have abused the system for monetary gain with or without the knowledge of the respective state Rulers due to patronage purpose.

“This is tantamount to some kind of dishonesty and corrupt practice.  The relevant authority should look into this matter seriously, otherwise it actually breeds unhealthy business and social cultures” urges Andy.

The Malaysian Times

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