Another Deputy Speaker?


Gerakan has slammed DAP for insisting on the deputy speaker post, stressing that the post should not be treated as a political reward.

Selangor Gerakan state secretary cum National Deputy Youth Chief Andy Yong today condemned Selangor DAP chairperson Tony Pua who requested for a second deputy speaker post to be created and given to DAP in Selangor.

“Pua’s demand is unconstitutional. It is wrong to treat the position of deputy speaker as a trophy or reward for political support,” said Yong in a statement today.

“It is wrong to treat the post as a reward to political patronage or partisan support,” he added.

He said that Pua’s demand showed how the latter had little regard towards the state constitution.

Article 71 (2A) of the constitution of Selangor 1959 states that the legislative assembly may from time to time choose one of its members to be deputy speaker, said Yong.

“We feel that Pua’s demand is tantamount to mockery towards the integrity and sanctity of the Selangor legislative assembly,” said Yong, urging Pua to study the state constitution carefully.

“I am concerned that DAP’s unchecked arrogance and greediness is threatening the procedural democracy in the Selangor legislative assembly,” he said.

Meanwhile, Selangor DAP will be meeting Menteri Besar Mohd Azmin Ali to discuss allocating a second deputy speaker post to its representative.

Sekinchan assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim said the meeting will be between Pua and Azmin, but is unsure when it would take place.

“Yes, they will discuss it. See how it goes. In a good atmosphere, we will talk,” he told reporters outside the state legislative assembly today.

When asked when the meeting would be held, he said, “Coming soon. Whether it is after the state assembly sitting, I don’t know. It is up to Pua.”

Yesterday, Pua (right) told the Selangor DAP convention that the party is still lobbying for the state government to create the additional post, with Ng as the favoured candidate.

Ng was nominated for the existing post last week, but lost to PAS’ Dr Mohd Shafie Ngah in the secret ballot.

Ng said in the state’s menteri besar crisis, questions were raised about DAP’s position in the state after PKR maintained control of the menteri besar’s post as well as getting a state exco post.

This was despite remaining loyal to PKR during the crisis despite the brickbats it received as a result, and having the most seats in the state assembly along with PAS.

However when asked, he said that this is not an issue of returning favours

“This is not an issue of favours. It is an issue of representation and support because we need each other.

“There is no issue of favours amongst us (Pakatan). We are always prepared to work together,” he said.


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