Yes, corruption is the main obstacle…


You know, I know, we all know…we can never go far so long as combating corruption is not taken seriously. I had previously wrote an article on this (published in Malaysiakini). Received a write – up (by Christopher) today on corruption in this country; inclined to share it here (below) because in reality most sensible and responsible rakyats feel or think the same.

Corruption comes in many forms, some still in denial. It takes all to stop or at least to reduce it not only the government ie both the giver and taker. The 1.4 million government servants remain the same regardless of BN or PR becomes the ruling government. I disagree with the writer who gives an impression as if PR is clean from corruption. I experienced and knew from reliable source that they too are no angel. Yes absolutely agree with the political will part.

Some say with PR at least there is a hope to eradicate it. Not necessary so. It is the person or those in position, be it at federal or state level. Optimistically there is also hope if BN or PM do it right seriously.

Read “Ends of Power” by Moses Naim and “Why Nations Failed”, one would agree with me inevitably it is a matter of time BN government will face a serious problem (or share a similar fate of Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa in recent presidential election) if this menace is not tackled seriously…

By Christopher Fernandez

Punishing the corrupt sends out a strong message that Malaysians mean business
Why must the corrupt be punished? From the person who sits on the chair of the prime minister in this country to the least and the last person, nobody is above the law, and must be duly punished for corrupt practices upon being found guilty in a competent court of law.

The reason why Malaysia is in a state of flux and disarray boils down to the obvious and blatant fact that, from among the top brass in this country down to the man-in-the street, corruption is widespread and far more prevalent than previously believed.

In many instances of corruption, it is only the tip of the iceberg and it is generally perceived by the average Malaysian now that corruption is Public Enemy No. 1, replacing substance and drug abuse. In fact, corruption is so common there needs to be educational awareness on corruption for Malaysians.

What constitutes corruption eludes even those who are considered educated and qualified that it is apparent that those lower down the rung of society are not the only people who need to be taught and trained on avoiding being corrupt.

The scenario on corruption
Senior Malaysian government officials often go on the defensive when accusations of corruption are hurled at them. They claim corruption is a “perception”, not really a reality, and Malaysians often blow it out of proportion.

This is the usual stance of the Barisan Nasional (BN) government. But if there is a search on the ground and investigations covertly done, it can be stated as a fact that corruption is widespread and far more prevalent as there is “no smoke without fire”.

But it is precisely because BN government officials play with fire on the issue of corruption that the menace is difficult to stamp out and there also appears to be an act in concert to cover for those that are trapped in accusations of corruption.

The government clearly lacks the political will to arrest the rot of corruption as they are highly perceived to be corrupt that it will be a case of the pot calling the kettle black if they accuse and try to convict a person of being corrupt.

This is why corruption within the Malaysian government has become like a case of being on a merry-go-round. Corruption goes round and round within the government and is covered or glossed over as part and parcel of the standard operating procedure of governance in the country today.

The cleansing of the nation must begin with a purge of the corrupt from the top down, from the high-ranking minister to the man on the street

Putting things in order
A fish rots from the head. If the leaders in this country are perceived to be corrupt, it is only a matter of time before the whole barrel of apples get rotten. This is what is happening now in this country. Corruption is at an all-time high.

The only way to save Malaysia from going to the dogs is to weed out the corrupt and punish them severely to act as a deterrent to ensure that there is no room for corruption to exist in this country. The nation of China is hell-bent on eradicating corruption that even the death penalty is meted to the guilty.

Not only the small fry should be hauled up for corruption, the cleansing of the nation must begin with a purge of the corrupt from the top down, beginning with the upper echelons of government and society. This means the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) must begin by going after the big fish.

Those accused of corruption must not escape with a mere slap on the wrist; the punishment must fit the crime for corruption and the greater the responsibilities of the person to the rakyat, the greater the punishment should be.

Besides this, the spoils of corruption must be recovered. Those that have been guilty and are being accused of corruption, in the past or in the present, must be fully investigated without fear or favour, no matter their status, and their looting and plunder of national coffers must be stopped.

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