Tak habis – habis isu perkauman…


While having my breakfast at a mamak restaurant, I overheard conversation of some familiar Malay patrons that said: ” Tak habis – habis isu perkauman…”

I find the topic interesting, so decided to join them.

Intriguingly why is it most tensions, religious seditious remarks, insensitivity, legal disputes, politicisation & dissatisfaction usually involved one particular race? One of them said because they are the majority; but is this what we Malaysians want? Why other races who were born here in the last few generations are losing hope in this country?

Generally they or many laymen couldn’t be bothered but politicians & the so-called ‘extremists’ keep harping on the issue. This can only lead to a deeper societal division between the minority and majority communities that would lead to more antagonism and racism. It is unhealthy for the new generation to grow up in such situation.

The word ‘moderation’ is widely used recently but it doesn’t seems to solve the problem. Perhaps a political & educational paradigm shift is required in order to move forward progressively as a nation.

We did talked on the Sedition Act, I explained the key words are “seditious tendency”. Some see injustice for the authority to prosecute selectively or base on their own interpretation. I can’t imagine what would happen if a non-Muslim threatens to burn the Quran will be (or is) given a flexible meaning of no intention to ignite racial or religious tensions (or “to cause chaos” as per IGP).

We cannot afford to look at such issue subjectively or one-sided, considering it is not right to say majority is here to dominate, leave the country if we do not like it. We have come a long way, it will be foolish to put on the reverse gear. I strongly doubt the Prophets will react or say things similar to those bigots if they are here today (they nodded in agreement).

Gone are the days where an Act is wielded wantonly to silence criticism and dissent. Our forefathers & for generations we had/have lived in harmony. This country is unique and admired by many globally. High time to move on as our Federal Constitution has stated it all.

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