Local Government Elections will cause racial riots?


Generally I am inclined to say that Malaysians are matured in what they called “advanced politics”. But I am not sure the same applies to our politicians. Simply put, racial politics should never be an endless pursuit not to mention any threat that disrupts our peaceful and harmonious society.

I am not surprise with Hadi and Dahlan’s remarks recently. Whether it is for political purpose or simply inferiority complex, they are not bringing Malaysians to the next level. Simple calculation of our demographic data says it all in order to rebut their allegation. Even if there is any violence due to the said election, very often it is instigated by the politicians.

A new paradigm of governance (or a new mentality of the government) is imperative. This new paradigm must place sustainable development and the tenets of good governance as cornerstones for the construction of a strong, viable and prosperous Malaysia, blossoming into a distinct civilization and a developed nation.

The new paradigm must facilitate full participation of all rakyats, in the processes of nation-building & governance. Such a participatory framework, along with adequate scope for local self-management, will release the abundant energy, innovative spirit, leadership talents, vibrancy and innate problem- solving capacity, but which are currently stifled by the existing over-centralized, authoritarian style of governance (both Federal and State ie BN & PR). In fact, this style has the effect of causing these qualities to manifest themselves in the form of anti-social/deviant attitudes/behaviors which undermine the social order, and which hinder rather than contribute toward local/nation development. So, the return of local government election is not a bad idea after all.

Meaningful decentralization of state power, manifested in the form of strong systems of local governance, should be recognized as key prerequisites for facilitating sustainable development and promoting good governance. It is therefore critical that policy-makers, scholars, practitioners and related stakeholder groups in the constituencies seek to advance their understanding/appreciation of issues relating to local government and decentralization, and forge a regional consensus on how these concepts and principles might be best applied in Malaysia.

But above all, the political will matters most…

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