No “smokescreen” politics please


Recently Tony Pua has been consistently threatens to expose more of the alleged 1MDB fund’s corruption, incompetence and abuse of power after he received a court writ from the Prime Minister  for a defamation suit. Tony also accused that such legal suit is a strategy to silence him by the Prime Minister.


To this Andy Yong, National Deputy Youth Chief of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia urges Tony to stop playing “smokescreen” politics as he has been fond of doing since elected as Petaling Jaya Utara member of parliament.


“It will be more productive for him as a “wakil rakyat” to serve the nation productively instead of shouting, demonstrating and issuing statements” said Andy.


Tony also accused the PM lack of governance, transparency and accountability, in order to paint a picture as if that the country’s economy under the PM’s leadership is going down the drain.

“Do not forget his own dirty linen in Cyber Village Sdn Bhd before becoming an active politician. Does he wants to open his own can of worms?” asked Andy.

The PM has also called for probe into accounts of 1MDB account recently. Andy added “while it is a right move, the audit shall be conducted independently and without any political interference”.


Last Andy comments that “above all Tony should first understand the fundamentals of company laws before confusing the people with negative statements in relation to 1MDB”.






“不要忘记他在成为活跃政治家前,在Cyber Village Sdn Bhd的丑事,难道他想自揭疮疤?”杨锦成问。



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