Time has changed, we should move forward together.


Looking at some responses to the recent verdict against an Opposition leader, I am not surprised. This is exactly what I previously called as cognitive or confirmation bias. When a judgement is in favour of her or him, no one praise or give credit to the Judge. When it is otherwise, they alleged with all sorts of negative criticsms on the Judiciary.

Ask any lawyer be it from BN or PR, no one will say with 100% certainty that all Judges in our country are corrupted or being subservient to the government of the day.

Spin, twist and confuse; these are the key words played by most politicians today. Sincerity is a peculiar word.

Many have allowed assumptions, biases and illusions to shape their thinking especially from the social media.

Same goes to certain quarters in Umno who wanted to play the racial cards. To a certain extent, at least Pas openly declare to achieve Islamic state as their core ideology. It should not be about the numbers game anymore nor fear of losing. It should be about moving forward in the right direction; as Malaysians.

They say politics is the art of possibility. Though it may sounds far-fetching now, the possibility of merging BN and PR would be ideal. Not all are selfish. We can be better and create a truly developed nation in all aspects as a united Malaysians.

All we need is to be compassionate, with great vision and less irrational and colour – blind.

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