Know Your Constitution


Whether we like it or not, as Malaysians it is of utmost importance to understand the Constitution.

By examining the recent political scenarios in respect to the rule of law and constitution, one can understand better the reason behind the problems and issues that the country currently face.

The Constitution had set out the intention of making Malaysia govern by principles of open democracy.

The problem that arises now is because of the government’s (federal and state) attitude towards the Constitution.

Some of the politicians have little respect for the Constitution or mere ignorance.

The lack of effective mechanisms to ensure a good constitutional government is the definitive contribution to this problem.

The executive act in removing the judiciary’s power (in 1988) is perhaps the most significant event that has affected the country. This is a sign that separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branch of government in Malaysia is slowly being broken down with the executive branch giving itself more powers.

Without the judiciary having its conviction on the supremacy of the Constitution or power on the government (pre-1988), it will inevitably lead to a state of arbitrariness.

The increasing emphasis on Islam as the guideline for governing Malaysia is something that must be kept in check to avoid the overzealous elements within the government implementing unacceptable Islamic policy on a multi-religious society.

For this I am convinced that Parti Gerakan will defend the Constitution at all cost.

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