Malaysia Our Home


It should never be about Malays or Chinese or Indians or Kadazan or Dusun or Dayaks. It is about us, Malaysians.

God created diversity. This is what we are in Malaysia. It is our home. It is not a hotel. It is our responsibility to make our home a better place to live in. I was in Australia early this month. I love the country but deep inside I knew it was not my home.

Each of us has a role to play.

Malaysians should not just think about making money and taking care of themselves only. There should not be any fear or envy or jealousy. Yes easier said than done but each of us can make a difference if we want.

Those who think they can migrate anytime are like guests in a hotel; sometimes complain, sometimes praise thinking it is their right to be treated fairly. This is not their home.

We should contribute and make it a better home. It cannot be about ourselves only. We must protect our home without fear or favour. It is our responsibility.

Together as Malaysians, we can make our home a beautiful place to live in.

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