Perlu jelaskan dengan terperinci mana RM4.2 billion hutang 1MDB itu…


Yes, if it is really #nothingtohide or political sabotage, prove it! By now most people (esp from the urban) are skeptical about PM Najib and the 1MDB crisis.

Regardless of the outcome, they won’t trust the investigation whether it is by the Auditor-General, PAC, MACC etc. Press releases explained by 1MDB, PMO or others will be futile.

Unless facts and figures can clearly show where is the siphoned monies (as alleged by Pua or Rafizi) gone to or a truly independent commission is set up to investigate, nothing will change people’s perception/belief. Opposition (like Pua or Rafizi) and Tun M will likely to add salt to the wound even if it is spinned and twisted information.

High time to be transparent if there is nothing to hide. Then arrest and charge all those idiots. Same goes to the Melbourne properties purchased by Mara and all the suspicious dealings whether it is for 13GE, bailouts or embezzled by Minister, BN/PR politician, Rosmah or Tun M. Fear of no one, be it warlords or little napoleons. Honesty and integrity is still the best policy; for the people and country.

Otherwise an uphill battle for PM…

By the way ignore those bigots or extremists who utter rubbish or implement foolish policies. Shouldn’t waste time on people with such narrow mentality.

G’kan Youth to PM: Prove ‘nothing 2 hide’ with facts –

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