Impossible to move away from race-based politics?


Whether it is Malaysia Malaysian or Bangsa Malaysia or 1Malaysia, it will be a gimmick to move forward as one if Umno or MCA or MIC or Pas still believe in race-based politics.

Though dominated by Chinese, Gerakan has been advocating non-ethnic based approach, one that is based on needs and merits. It is never easy to encourage other races to join so long as race-based parties exist. And I must admit, since Syed Hussein and Chong Eu era, we have not been pushing hard or not proven ourselves to be a worthy party for all races.

A country with a multiracial population like Malaysia should not have race-based political parties, which over the years are glaringly becoming a setback to the country’s unity. It should not be the numbers game anymore but togetherness as a nation.

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