Apa itu “parliamentary democracy”?


One of Gerakan’s ideology is to preserve our long-tested system of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

An act or attempt to do an activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy can land you in jail for 20 years!

Had a talk with a lawyer friend today. Some people are fearful that s.124B Penal Code would be abused by the police as it was seen in recent cases involving MACC officers, activists etc. Someone could have foolishly advised the PM or Minister to make use of such provision.

I agree that s.124B and so forth are very broad. By the way what is exactly “parliamentary democracy”?

This provision applies not only against the opposition politicians or pro-opposition individuals or groups or ordinary citizens but also the PM, cabinet and BN politicians. Even the IGP or AG can be investigated, arrested and charged under it if what they did or said or issued or printed or circulated falls under s.124.

Of course, above all the main culprit is still corruption…

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