No racial tension please…


KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 10, 2015:

Umno must make a clear stand on the “Kebangkitan Maruah Melayu” (Malay  dignity uprising) Sept 16 rally as they have been giving mixed signals if they supported the rally or not.

Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong said it was apparent that the Red Shirt rally is about racism.

He said that was why there were threats to the Chinese with bloodshed.

“This is seen from the posters and circulated messages & pictures.

“The Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin have now given the green light for Umno members to attend,” he said in a statement.

He said this was not in line with the spirit of Barisan Nasional.

“What are they trying to prove? The police have also declared the rally illegal.

“It is very irresponsible of them not to consider the feelings of the other 12 BN component parties.

“We should focus on important matters in the country instead of racial politics.”

He said when MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon allowed his youths to attend Bersih, there were several Umno leaders that condemned him.

“Now what is their stand knowing very clearly the rally is provocative on race.

“Many disagree that Bersih 4 was about the Chinese only although they dominated the participation of the rally.

“The Red T-shirt rally is exploiting that fact to make it a racial issue. This is very unhealthy.”

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