A balance is needed. PDRM shouldn’t intimidate


Gerakan Deputy Youth Chief Andy Yong Kim Seng has chastise the police for abusing their power in the detaining of taxi driver Hanizan Mohamed Radzi on 10 October 2015 over the kidnapping of a child. He was later released by the police and exonerated one week later.

However, Andy Yong who is also a lawyer claimed that the saga has caused much embarrassment to Hanizan and his family and ironically he was awarded the Special Category Award by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) yesterday.

“I have dealt with a number of clients where they were initially detained by the police only to be later discharged and released. Some of my clients are actually being requested to present themselves at the police station to assists in an investigation but was later arrested.”

Andy added that sometimes there is no clause in the police diary to justify an arrest as the remand order is supposed to be granted by the Magistrate.

“I believe that such blatant abuse happened in many cases in the country previously where certain culprits resulted to bribery in order to be released especially if they have committed only minor and bailable offences.”

Andy further stated that while he understood such measures being undertaken by the police if it involves serious offences or even terrorism, but in reality ordinary Malaysians who committed minor offences can be abused by the police for threat by being locked up or detained. This puts these individuals at the mercy and whims of the police.

“I strongly advice all Malaysians to know their rights if they have been arrested unlawfully and consider initiating legal action if false imprisonment is involved. As for the police, I hope that they are aware that under the rule of law, evidence and grounds to justify an arrest of a suspect is provided prior to the action taken.”















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