Denied Access to TMI: Need to amend Communications and Multimedia Act 1998


“Lawyer Andy Yong, who is also Gerakan deputy national youth chief, said there was nothing in Section 263(2) of the Communications and Multimedia Act that gave MCMC the power to block access to an online news portal or a website pending investigations.

“There is also a grey area in the law as whose power to order such block access, ie lie with the Commission or Minister?

“Broad and no specific interpretation may lead to unjust or abuse by MCMC. There is no charge by prosecution (as of now). MCMC should have [applied] to [the] court for an order to block access or an injunction instead,” said Yong.

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Solve conversion / custody problem once and for all!


KUALA LUMPUR: Enough is enough, says Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong, who has called for an immediate resolution on inter-faith custody battles at next month’s Parliamentary session.

“Do it in the coming Parliament session. They already know what the problems are and the amendments required.

If they have the political will, the ultimate remedy will be to amend the constitution and relevant laws to put an end to this crisis,” he said in a report by Malaysiakini.

He noted that previous statements on the issue indicated a readiness to deal with the contentious matter, with even Syariah lawyers expressing their willingness to help.

This follows the announcement last week by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri that the government plans to amend three laws on child custody and property rights in cases involving a change of religion by one spouse.

These laws are namely; the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976, Administration of Islamic Law (Federal Territories) 1993, and Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) 1984.

Yong noted that Nancy, the current de facto law minister, had said the welfare of children was paramount and that children should be allowed to choose their religion when they reach the age of majority.

Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz, once the de-facto law minister himself, said children of an estranged couple should remain in the religion of the parents at the point of their marriage.

Vernacular vs National Schools


Gerakan National Deputy Youth Chief, Andy Yong voiced his support over a call by Organisation for National Empowerment (ONE) for English to be given equal emphasis to Bahasa Malaysia and facilitate the realization of a socially inclusive education system.

Andy Yong was supportive of the idea that gradually moving away from vernacular schools is the way forward to create a more integrated Malaysian society. He shared his experience of personally conducting a survey nationwide consulting different groups and communities on the topic and was pleased to learn that many were receptive towards the idea of establishing a socially inclusive education system.

Andy Yong continued to stress that Malaysia’s rich diversity must be reflected in our education system. He said different cultures and mother tongues are common heritage that should be allowed to thrive and taught in all schools on equal footing. Opportunity to learn extra languages of fellow Malaysians should be provided to our children in regular curriculum through integrated trilingual teaching instead of mere extracurricular classes as practiced now in schools.

“I realize many Malaysians envision a day when our children regardless of racial or cultural differences possess trilingual mastery, they get to learn Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Tamil in schools irrespective of education streams. The right to mother tongue education is guaranteed under the integrated system while the building of Bangsa Malaysia is more real than ever before, debates surrounding national or national-type schools will eventually become irrelevant,” said Andy Yong.

Andy Yong said the government should make more effort to understand the reservations and negative perception that public hold against national schools. He maintained that the gap between national schools and vernacular schools must be overcome to facilitate the realization of a socially inclusive education system. He said after several meetings and consultations, many parents have spoken their willingness to consider sending their children to national schools if its academic standards and quality of teachers are on par or better than vernacular schools. He also asserted that the principles of merit and equity should be applied in nation schools to evoke public confidence and encourage enrolment.

Amend OSA to hide graft?


Gerakan man speechless if ‘fortified’ OSA used to hide graft

Lu Wei Hoong & Zikri Kamarulzaman

12 Feb 2016, AM 8:00

Updated 12 Feb 2016, PM 2:36

Gerakan deputy Youth chief Andy Yong is puzzled by attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali’s plans to strengthen the Official Secrets Act 1972 (OSA) to include life imprisonment and 10 strokes of the rotan.

“(The plan) is justifiable if (it is to protect) information related to national security.

“But if the ultimate amendment of ‘Official Secrets (Act)’ is to protect corruption and cronyism, I am speechless,” Yong told Malaysiakini.

The Gerakan Youth number two is instead in favour of declassifying documents not related to national security through enacting a Freedom of Information Act.

This, he said, would make the government more accountable to the public.

Yong also wants to abolish Section 2B of the OSA, which allows any minister, menteri besar, or chief minister to grant any public officer powers to classify documents.

Meanwhile, Yong said Apandi’s threat to lock up journalists who refuse to give up their sources is “an encroachment on press freedom and liberties”.

He also ridiculed the AG drawing comparisons with the severity of punishment for leaking state secrets in China as “absurd.”

‘Do not misuse OSA’

Currently, leaking OSA documents is punishable with a jail sentence of between one and seven years.

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