Curb corruption in civil service instead of cost cutting


The government’s cost-cutting measures would not help its finances as the real cause of the problem is corruption.

Such cost-cutting measures don’t really make a big difference to the government’s coffers.

As we know, the real cause is corruption and abuse of power that is bleeding the country’s finances dry.

While the move to cut civil service costs is commendable, the government must prioritise curbing corruption among the civil servants.

Following Prime Minister Najib Razak’s budget revision this January in the face of falling oil prices and the value of the ringgit, the civil service has been ordered to cut costs.

MACC must be independent.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should be reformed to give it more power to cull corruption within the government.

He cited how it was reported the commission had insufficient budget recently when they requested more integrity officers.

The MACC should be given more independence, resources and manpower […] to look into the government tender/procurement system, the nebulous ties between the police and crime – syndicates and the symbiosis between politicians, civil servants and businessmen.

This is where the government and some government linked companies (GLCs) have lost lots of money.

Otherwise we can never really go far regardless of any reform.

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