EC should consider racial harmony


Though in some constituencies it is inevitable to have a single race dominance electorate, the Election Commission should consider the multiracial aspect particularly in the urban seats.

The amendment of the boundaries with no extra seats in the recent recommendation can be a repercussion in term of unity, hence it can’t be fait accompli.

At the outset by looking into number of voters in the redelineation, with our support concentrated in densely populated urban or semi-urban seats, EC’s proposal would likely be detrimental to Gerakan.

The proposal also reflects the election now has torn apart any remaining fictions about interethnic harmony in Malaysia.

The redelineation  supposed to look at the composition of ethnic Malay, Indian, and Chinese, in short representing all Malaysians instead of domination of a single race.

Peninsular Malaysia now has a situation in which ethnic Malays dominate the ruling party, and minorities, including the Chinese, have almost completely gone to the opposition. Not a recipe for interethnic harmony.

Gerakan are studying the implication seriously and will likely file in the any objection in due course.

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