Stop Corruption Once & For All !

‘Mini casinos’ operating freely in the heart of KL | Free Malaysia Today

I refer to this article where it is reported that the authorities are oblivious to it and powerless to act against them.

Many of us on the ground are well aware that such activities are rampant and have been operating for years. Not only “mini casinos” but prostitution, illegal money-lending/betting, ecstasy pills etc are also widespread.

Ask most Malaysians why there is no end to such vice and illegal activities (esp from the urban), they will tell you due to bribery and corruption.

Yes, corruption is always the problem.  Many businessmen, developers and ordinary rakyats are immune to such practice. Some are in favour of it so long as their interest is protected or secured.  So it is not an issue of “powerless” or “oblivious”.

And stop saying it is only a few bad apples.

Though Bernama today reported a fall of 0.8% crime rate in our country, the authorities do not want to admit the seriousness of other criminal activities.

Yes, I believe the underworld societies are still very much in play today though we want to become a developed nation. They kautim the authorities etc.

High time for the relevant authorities especially MACC to curb and investigate such menace in order for our country to move forward. MACC has done a good job over the last one year but we know it is not enough.

I strongly believe something can be done to clean up Malaysia if they have the will to do so.  But if certain parties believe corruption is part of the system, how do we expect a transformation?  Why do you think it is important for them to win election?

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