Stability of the country should be the paramount consideration; not Red or Yellow


Bersih insisted they will proceed with their gathering on 19 November and the Reds want to counter it.

It is obvious one of the main reason Yellows or Reds want to demonstrate publicly is the impact of it.

It is only then any violent or unwarranted incidents will be conspicuous and attract medias attention. Doing it in a stadium or enclosed areas will not have such impact.

Although I do support peaceful assembly as provided under the laws; violent acts or action that caused hatred and disharmony is a big no.

Hence the police should clamp down not only the Yellows but the Reds.  It is proven in the past by demonstrating openly in the public, no one can guarantee a peaceful gathering especially when there is provocation.

There are many ways to skin a cat, aggressive behaviour should not be one of it.

Certain parties want to see blood; this is so when they are provoked. All it takes is a spark of fire, worst if an agent provocateur who intentionally caused it.

So it is no more a question of democratic rights or liberty; it is about stability of the country.





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