All I wanted to do is to help the OKU investors…


Why is it so difficult to do a good deed openly? Is it because I am from Gerakan which is part of the BN government?

It has been depressing for the last 3 days. I received countless messages, calls, emails and comments since I facilitated the refund to JJPTR OKU investors. They consist of sarcastic remarks, criticisms and condemnation.

There are people who accused me that the whole episode was to help Johnson to regain his reputation. Some even alleged that I am part of the game in trying to “con” the public.

I have repeatedly said the background of JJPTR or founder Johnson Lee is none of my business. I do not know them or him. I met them for the first time last Wednesday. All I care was the unfortunate handicap OKUs. It was because of them that I am willing to stick my neck out. Prior to that there were also other ordinary investors seeked my help but I refused.

Hence all we intended was to ensure and witness the refund. I also took the opportunity to share my legal views to some of them.

I do not deny the medias were called for publicity sake. As a matter of fact most of us including the reporters did not believe that Johnson will turn up.

However I am very thankful for the encouragement and motivation. It is moment like this I can see the true colours of people esp comrades. I am particularly touched by the words of support from Senator Chong Sin Woon, a good political friend indeed.

Ultimately all I want to make it clear is there was no hidden agenda whatsoever for me to help the OKUs.

Parti Gerakan plays no part or is involve in it. Any misunderstanding or negative perception caused are wholly my responsibility and fault. I apologise for that.


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