Beware of fake news in social medias…


My recent experience reaffirms the potential dangers and damages that could occur due to spinned or twisted messages/comments and fake news. It can be economically, socially and of course politically destructive.

A professional foreign social-media analyst told me in America there are hubs for conspiracy theories and fake stories. Websites such as Centre for Research for Globalisation, Cernovich and Infowars (funded by George Soros) are some classic examples. Hmm…perhaps this is something where the Opposition has looked into years ago.

We need to understand the revolution that has taken place in information and communication, which has completely upended the traditional world. Much has been written about this new media landscape that has made news and information available to everyone round the clock, turned mainstream media business on its head, removed the traditional gatekeepers of information and made authorities everywhere more accountable for their words and action than ever before.

But, the more profound effect has been on how people consume and respond to news and information. They no longer do so passively, but want to be active participants, posting and reposting them to their social circles, acting as gatekeepers. They become active filters, deciding what to pass on and what to suppress depending on their interests and biases.

I am glad that the federal government has realised this few months ago. Though necessary actions and policies are required, there is always a need to balance so that our fundamental liberties are not violated.

So guys do verify or take it with a pinch of salt in whatever news, messages, videos and pictures we received in wassapp, wechat, fb etc.



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