Summertime Blues

     Read a foreign article stating that the months of May and June is peak suicide season in most parts of the world.  Why do suicide rates spike in the hotter and wetter months?

Research and figures show that indeed during these two months, especially in countries with 4 seasons such as Hong Kong, China and Taiwan more people take their lives than any other time of the year.  It could be due to the looming exams, jobs/business pressure or the fact that they have spent all their savings on travelling over the Lunar New Year and Easter and now have no big holidays to look forward to and no money.  Conversely the suicide rate is lower in December and January due to the fact that Christmas followed by the Lunar New Year festival keeps people’s spirit up and helps them stay connected with loved ones.

It could also be a seasonal effect, the change of weather.  It is very humid and people are very moody, prone to depression.  To me that simply prove how important family and friends are because during the festive seasons, a person would finds hope and love regardless what makes them depressed.  My past experience working as a waiter in the hospitality industry which shows that the chefs were the most bad-tempered one due to their exposure to fire/humidity while cooking.  Though in Malaysia, the change of weather is not much of a difference, it could be the lifestyle.  Ironically I believe there are basically 3 factors: job pressures (or no-job pressure), money and family problems that make a person depressed.

The moral of the above?  Always be cool and give priority to your loved ones.  We can stop oursleves from falling into the doldrums by counting our blessings.  Focus on what’s going well instead of what is going wrong.  Above all keep busy and enjoy whatever we do and spend quality times with our family.  Oh ya, (as the worst haze may come) switch on the air-conditioner and spend more time at home, heck with the bills.


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