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Let’s move forward…



Last Saturday I attended and spoke in a “No to RUU355” rally organised by Bebas.

The reason I agreed to be there has nothing to do with Islam.  Growing up in a national school, I always see Islam as a beautiful religion.  It is because Hadi’s 355 Bill will pave way for the implementation of Hudud Pas.  Pas has never consulted any independent religious scholars or related parties. Not even the Conference of Rulers who are the Heads of Islam.  Though it is Hadi’s democratic right to table his motion, the manner he did it from day one has been suspicious.  It was done discreetly and amended several times.  The Constitution has provided the requirements if he wants to implement Hudud Pas but he did not follow.  Instead he chose to amend Act 355.

First and foremost I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to all who have encouraged and sent the related news, pictures & videos as well as those who criticised and condemned me.

There have been 2 schools of thoughts on the argument whether is RUU355 is Hudud Pas or not.  Similarly on the constitutional aspect of it.  I am not going to touch on it anymore as to me or most of us, it is obviously being politicised.

There are comrades within Gerakan, for some obvious reasons criticised and disagreed with our participation at the rally yesterday. One of them even requested Gerakan President Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong to expel me.

The reasons given are it is unjustified for me to attend and speak at the rally. The number game (which we anticipated) will show that we are fools to be exploited by certain people or the organiser.

The medias will give an impression that majority of Malaysians will support 355 or Hudud.

Hence I will caused the party to lose support from the Muslim voters especially from Umno and Pas. To them it is foolish to have profound conviction on our ideologies and beliefs at the expense of the latter.

Well, did we not have the support of Umno in the last 2 general elections? Did we not go against PAS?

We realised from the beginning that our side will be outnumbered but to me it is not the number that matters. It is a matter of our integrity and sincerity in pursuing our struggles.

* Special thanks to the Gerakan legal team (Ivanpal S. Grewal, Jayanthi Devi Balaguru, KT Chai & Ong Siang Liang ) as well as 26 other comrades and 3 members of BKC who turned up and believe in our struggles.

Coming back to the question of number, what can we expect when the organiser is a NGO (Bebas) compare to Pas, a national political party that governed the state of Kelantan as well as Selangor?

Are the people of Malaysia will be so ignorant to think that majority in the country support RUU355 or Hudud Pas?

Ironically a Dap leader challenged me to leave BN but except for Zaid Ibrahim, I dont see any of them there. And why are they still running the Selangor state along with Pas?

Similarly many from other political parties, associations and guilds (except for Federation of Hokkien Associations) voiced their objection against Hadi’s Bill previously. But why didn’t they support the cause now? Fear of persecution etc? Fear of losing support politically?

However I strongly believe many especially those in the urbans, though of different faiths and background support this noble cause and want Malaysia to remain a beautiful and peaceful secular nation.

To those who condemned me as enemy of Islam, let me reiterate; it is never about going against Islam. I have many close and good Muslim friends. Some of them even supported me. They know the whole episode is being politicised.

To those critics who are against me or merely want to be subservient to Umno or Pas for obvious reasons, I am speechless.

At the end of the day, to me/us it is about the betterment of our future generations. It is about defending our Federal Constitution. We can’t compromise on these…period.

Have a joyful, blessed & prosperous Lunar New Year 2017





Is politics really that despicable?



The Bible says lies, hatred, greed, dishonesty, jealousy, envy and selfishness are considered as sinful. And we often see such characters exist among politicians.

I always believe in life one has to contribute back to the society in one way or another.  We can choose to do charitable deed, donation, make policies/laws, to uphold and protect the sanctity of the supreme law / rule of law, religion etc.   Participation in NGOs, political parties, associations is a good platform. All for the betterment of the nation and future generations.  Everyone has a role to play to serve the country.

In order to leave a legacy, one shall has a profound conviction in exercising his or her ideals with selfless sacrifice.

Along the journey in order to remain steadfast without wavering from the noble beliefs, he must first take care of himself and family.  To do that one should be financially sound (not necessarily wealthy) and stable.  One must has the knowledge, determination and sincerity to do and sacrifice for what is right without fear or favour. Otherwise the temptation and undue influence will change him.

Not many is willing and able to have the strength of such integrity.

We talk about non-discriminatory mentality and look forward to a meritocratic society. However when we talk about power and opportunity, often I do not see it in BN or PH and even from my own party ie Gerakan.  As the saying goes: you are either with or against us. Perhaps that is the rule of the game. That is why not everyone want to join politics or become a player.

Ultimately we can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.  We must have a clear conscience.

Why can’t we get rid of gangsterism protection moneys?



Over the last 2 weeks I have been told of gangsterism issues especially when one is to construct a new building or project. Try doing it in places like Klang, Rawang, Seri Kembangan, Balakong etc. The moment there is a groundbreaking ceremony there comes some people to ask for protection moneys.  If you don’t pay, be assured that your crane, tractor, bulldozer, building materials etc will soon be stolen.

This is not something new. I believe the authorities are aware of it. Similarly on the eyesore illegal advertisements which are dominated by ah longs; a never-ending problem.

Again the root cause is corruption…

Such problems can also be linked to social, education and economy factors.

The Joy of Giving


Few years ago when I succeeded in helping a poor family in overturning an unfavourable decision at the Court of Appeal, I was humbled by their tears of appreciation.  Indeed when we are able to give happiness to others there will be true joy. Before the Chinese New Year this year, I hope to give more in every manner I can.  God bless…







Be positive in 2017



Firstly I love to thank everyone who had played a role in my life in whatever circumstances.  Thanks for the support, encouragement and understanding in 2016.  Rightly or wrongly we have seen many negative aspects of our society. I do hope we believe that our nation can move forward positively in 2017 and years to come.  As Churchill once said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.

No political parties or leaders are really progressive to change…



Believing that present day Malays are quite capable to succeed on their own without need for legislative “crutches”, Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong opines that it is time to reconsider Article 153 of the constitution which accords them such.

He said that in our day and age, it may be high time to implement “a fair multiracial meritocracy assessment in our social, educational and economic aspects”, instead of race-based affirmative action.

“I agree that the Malays at one point were in need of such protection to alleviate their disproportionate and weak positions (especially in economy and education), but such provisions are no longer relevant today.

“Do the Malays today really need or depend on their special rights or privileges in order to succeed? I don’t think so. Many are very capable and hardworking to excel in our competitive environment,” he said in a statement.

Yong argued that historically the intention of our forefathers was to have the Federal Constitution be egalitarian in nature.

And while Article 153 exists to assist the Malays who needed it during the time the constitution was drafted, most interests and rights of other communities are also safeguarded and protected.

“But over the years it has acquired an adverse reputation as the legal root of all kinds of racial inequalities especially when it is manipulated and taken advantage by some politicians.

“Inevitably this will hinder a truly progressive developed nation. Often inherited wealth, educational advantages, nepotism and benefits from discrimination against other groups created a false impression that does not truly reflect the talent and hard work of all individuals,” said Yong.

The Gerakan Youth leader was commenting on the political cooperation inked between Pakatan Harapan and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia on Tuesday, for the purpose of gearing up to face BN in the coming national polls.

He noted that the first of their seven point agreement was to uphold Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

“Evidently this has again proven no political parties or leaders are progressive enough to lead the country forward into a non-discriminatory nation. That is to say even if Pakatan Harapan or Bersatu were to lead the federal government, discriminatory policies will remain under the so-called compromise of Article 153,” concluded Yong.

Article 153, which guarantee special rights for the Malays and bumiputera, is a sore point in Malaysian politics as those advocating meritocracy believe it is time for all Malaysians to be given assistance based on needs instead of race.

Others believe that the majority race in Malaysia must continue to have the protection of the constitutional provisions to ensure that they continue to have a place in the country or else risk being displaced.