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Perlu jelaskan dengan terperinci mana RM4.2 billion hutang 1MDB itu…



Yes, if it is really #nothingtohide or political sabotage, prove it! By now most people (esp from the urban) are skeptical about PM Najib and the 1MDB crisis.

Regardless of the outcome, they won’t trust the investigation whether it is by the Auditor-General, PAC, MACC etc. Press releases explained by 1MDB, PMO or others will be futile.

Unless facts and figures can clearly show where is the siphoned monies (as alleged by Pua or Rafizi) gone to or a truly independent commission is set up to investigate, nothing will change people’s perception/belief. Opposition (like Pua or Rafizi) and Tun M will likely to add salt to the wound even if it is spinned and twisted information.

High time to be transparent if there is nothing to hide. Then arrest and charge all those idiots. Same goes to the Melbourne properties purchased by Mara and all the suspicious dealings whether it is for 13GE, bailouts or embezzled by Minister, BN/PR politician, Rosmah or Tun M. Fear of no one, be it warlords or little napoleons. Honesty and integrity is still the best policy; for the people and country.

Otherwise an uphill battle for PM…

By the way ignore those bigots or extremists who utter rubbish or implement foolish policies. Shouldn’t waste time on people with such narrow mentality.

Malaysia’s Fitch rating upgraded, so what?



Do the people on the street care about the Fitch (or Flinstone) rating? Or do they feel better after the assurance given by the Bank Negara Governor or a Minister? They don’t give a damn. After all they feel the pinch of GST, petrol hike, possible higher toll charges etc. This is especially so to those who are under employment…semua naik tapi gaji tak naik…

Simply put, many Malaysians who have a decent job cannot find a decent quality living especially in the city.

As for now forget about the government or politicians; one of the main reason the economy is not doing well (as everyone says it nowadays) is that companies or individuals are hoarding cash and “maximizing profits” instead of investing in their people and future projects.

This behavior is contributing to record income inequality in the country and starving the primary engine of an economic growth — the vast middle class purchasing power.

If average rakyats don’t get paid living wages, they can’t spend much money shopping (or may incurred more credit card debts). And when they can’t buy quality products and services or urban properties, the companies that sell products and services to average citizen can’t grow. So the profit obsession of these companies is, ironically, hurting their ability to accelerate revenue growth.

One obvious solution to this problem is for big companies to pay their people more — to share more of the vast wealth that they create with the people who create it.

The companies have record profit margins, so they can certainly afford to do this.

But, unfortunately, over the past three decades, what began as a healthy and necessary effort to make our companies more efficient has evolved into a warped consensus that the only value that companies create is financial and that the only thing employers should ever worry about is making more of it.

This view is an insult to anyone who has ever dreamed of having a job that is about more than money. And it is a short-sighted and destructive view of capitalism, an economic system that sustains not just this country but most countries in the world.

This view has become deeply entrenched, though.

These days, if you suggest that great companies should serve several constituencies (customers, employees, and shareholders) and that companies should share more of their wealth with the people who generate it (employees), you get called a “socialist.” You get called a “liberal.” You get told that you “don’t understand economics.” You get accused of promoting “wealth confiscation.”

They say in Malaysia, people get paid what they deserve to get paid.

Anyone who wants more money should go out and “start their own company” or “get a better job.” (Some see no incentive to earn an honest living due to bureaucracy, cronyism and corruption; this is another issues that I would discuss in future).

In other words, you get told that anyone who suggests that great companies should share the value they create with all three constituencies instead of just lining the pockets of shareholders is an idiot.

After all, these folks say, one law of capitalism is that employers pay their employees as little as possible. Employees are just “costs.” They should try to minimize those “costs” whenever and wherever you can.

This view, unfortunately, is not just selfish and demeaning. It’s also economically stupid. Those “costs” you are minimizing (employees) are also current and prospective customers for your company and other companies. And the less money they have, the fewer products and services they are going to buy.

Obviously, the folks who own and run big corporations want to do as well as they can for themselves. But the key point is not a law that they pay their employees as little as possible.

It is a choice made by employers who want to keep the highest possible percentage of a company’s wealth for themselves.

It is a choice that reveals that, regardless of what they say about how much they value their employees, regardless of what euphemism they use to describe their employees (“associate,” or “partner”), they, in fact, don’t give a damn about their employees. (not me of course :) )

Employers or CEO, after all, are earning profits while choosing to pay their employees so little in many cases that the employees have to live in poverty (including minimum wager of RM900)

Solution? I am no economist but met a young man yesterday who works as an agent for ah longs and promotes vice activities said this is his solution in order to live comfortably in Malaysia.

Anyway Confucius said: “In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of”.

Dialogue between Gerakan Legal Team & Prof Azmi Shahrom



Those who oppose Hudud are dogs?



Hadi’s recent drawing analogy on those who opposed as dogs barking is utterly disrespectful

Comments by PAS’s President Hadi Awang who claimed that Hudud is God’s Law and drew an anology of those who opposed it are equivalent to dogs and wolf barking drawn the ire of Gerakan Head of Legal Team and National Deputy Youth Chief, Andy Yong saying that it is utterly disrespectful and undemocratic in the Malaysian society.


He strictly said that while he is not intending to interfere in Islamic matters, he wondered had Hadi Awang consulted the relevant national religious authorities or civil societies before passing the Hudud Law in the state of Kelantan.


“I am no connoisseur in Islamic matters but did Hadi consult the Conference of Rulers beforehand? Also, did he explain to the public what contradictions does this Hudud Enactment brings against Article 4 and 8 in the Federal Constitution where it is the supreme law and all citizens are to be treated equally? No, he left the public in a nebulous situation while moving on with his agenda in a perfunctory manner.”


Andy Yong added that the current Hudud Law is esoteric in nature instead of in accordance to the Quran, where it has been manipulated for PAS’s selfish political gain at the expense of the general public. He repeated that if Hadi is so desperate to implement the Hudud, he should have done it in a legal and constitutionally acceptable manner by tabling a motion to amend the Federal Constitution instead of the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act.


“Hadi acted furtively prior to the tabling of the Syariah Enactment on 18 March 2015 which was eventually passed the next day on 19 March 2015 in the Kelantan State Assembly. What is the reason behind such secretive action and is there something that the public should not know? Then he once more acted in such manner by editing his Private’s Member Bill in the previous Parliament sitting hastily.”


Andy continued that it is to be expected that the animosity between DAP and PAS to lingered on despite giving a smokescreen to the public in the form of Pakatan Rakyat where the DAP played their cards well in deceiving the non-Muslims in a pernicious manner. He said that regarding Hadi’s comments on ‘dogs and wolfs barking’ where various breeds of dogs existed where some will do whatever it takes to defend the Federal Constitution and the nation and Gerakan is one of them.

Malaysia Our Home



It should never be about Malays or Chinese or Indians or Kadazan or Dusun or Dayaks. It is about us, Malaysians.

God created diversity. This is what we are in Malaysia. It is our home. It is not a hotel. It is our responsibility to make our home a better place to live in. I was in Australia early this month. I love the country but deep inside I knew it was not my home.

Each of us has a role to play.

Malaysians should not just think about making money and taking care of themselves only. There should not be any fear or envy or jealousy. Yes easier said than done but each of us can make a difference if we want.

Those who think they can migrate anytime are like guests in a hotel; sometimes complain, sometimes praise thinking it is their right to be treated fairly. This is not their home.

We should contribute and make it a better home. It cannot be about ourselves only. We must protect our home without fear or favour. It is our responsibility.

Together as Malaysians, we can make our home a beautiful place to live in.

Discussion with SIS, G25 and other civil societies


Most are strong defenders of the Constitution, civil liberties and human rights.




Know Your Constitution



Whether we like it or not, as Malaysians it is of utmost importance to understand the Constitution.

By examining the recent political scenarios in respect to the rule of law and constitution, one can understand better the reason behind the problems and issues that the country currently face.

The Constitution had set out the intention of making Malaysia govern by principles of open democracy.

The problem that arises now is because of the government’s (federal and state) attitude towards the Constitution.

Some of the politicians have little respect for the Constitution or mere ignorance.

The lack of effective mechanisms to ensure a good constitutional government is the definitive contribution to this problem.

The executive act in removing the judiciary’s power (in 1988) is perhaps the most significant event that has affected the country. This is a sign that separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branch of government in Malaysia is slowly being broken down with the executive branch giving itself more powers.

Without the judiciary having its conviction on the supremacy of the Constitution or power on the government (pre-1988), it will inevitably lead to a state of arbitrariness.

The increasing emphasis on Islam as the guideline for governing Malaysia is something that must be kept in check to avoid the overzealous elements within the government implementing unacceptable Islamic policy on a multi-religious society.

For this I am convinced that Parti Gerakan will defend the Constitution at all cost.


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