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Jalinan rakyat di Bukit Bendera





Happy Deepavali




Kesedaran politik anak muda harus dipupuk




KUALA LUMPUR: Majoriti pengundi muda berbangsa Cina dijangka mungkin memboikot pilihan raya umum (PRU) akan datang kerana mereka tidak percaya mengundi akan membawa sebarang perubahan, seorang pemimpin Gerakan memberitahu sebuah forum malam tadi.

Timbalan Ketua Pemuda Gerakan, Andy Yong anak muda Cina pada ketika ini lebih berminat menumpukan kepada soal mencari rezeki.

“Bagi mereka, tidak ada perbezaan sama ada keluar mengundi atau tidak, ia kerana sebarang keputusan memihak Barisan Nasional (BN) atau Pakatan Harapan (PH) tidak akan bawa perubahan,” katanya pada forum “Anak Muda Boikot PRU14?” di Dewan Perhimpunan Cina Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor (KLSCAH), malam tadi.

Statistik menunjukkan lebih 4.1 juta rakyat Malaysia yang layak mengundi masih belum mendaftar sebagai pengundi pada PRU depan. Menurut Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR), daripada jumlah itu, majoriti adalah golongan muda berusia sekitar bawah 30 tahun.

Andy tidak menolak kemungkinan trend yang berlaku pada pengundi muda berbangsa Cina akan menjangkiti pengundi muda berbangsa Melayu.

Katanya, adalah sukar menarik minat anak muda.

“Sukar pengaruhi anak muda untuk mendaftar mengundi. Sering saya ditanya anak muda, apa yang mereka akan dapat jika mengundi.”

Katanya, masih ada anak muda memiliki idealisme dan mahukan perubahan, “tetapi hanya minoriti”.

Beware of fake news in social medias…



My recent experience reaffirms the potential dangers and damages that could occur due to spinned or twisted messages/comments and fake news. It can be economically, socially and of course politically destructive.

A professional foreign social-media analyst told me in America there are hubs for conspiracy theories and fake stories. Websites such as Centre for Research for Globalisation, Cernovich and Infowars (funded by George Soros) are some classic examples. Hmm…perhaps this is something where the Opposition has looked into years ago.

We need to understand the revolution that has taken place in information and communication, which has completely upended the traditional world. Much has been written about this new media landscape that has made news and information available to everyone round the clock, turned mainstream media business on its head, removed the traditional gatekeepers of information and made authorities everywhere more accountable for their words and action than ever before.

But, the more profound effect has been on how people consume and respond to news and information. They no longer do so passively, but want to be active participants, posting and reposting them to their social circles, acting as gatekeepers. They become active filters, deciding what to pass on and what to suppress depending on their interests and biases.

I am glad that the federal government has realised this few months ago. Though necessary actions and policies are required, there is always a need to balance so that our fundamental liberties are not violated.

So guys do verify or take it with a pinch of salt in whatever news, messages, videos and pictures we received in wassapp, wechat, fb etc.


Can a sick old man execute a will?



Currently I am handling a disputed will case.   The other side is challenging that due to health problems and old age, when the testator executed his will, he did not understood the nature and extent of the properties he was disposing under the will.

It is trite law that for a will to be valid, a testator must have testamentary capacity.  Whether a testator has testamentary capacity depends on the facts of each case.  The testator shall be able to comprehend and appreciate the claims to which he ought to give effect and with a view of the latter object, that no disorder of the mind shall poison his affections, pervert his sense of right, or prevent the exercise of his natural faculties.

In deciding upon the capacity of the testator to make his will, one must look into the soundness of the mind and not the particular state of bodily health at the time he executes the will.  He should possess sufficient understanding to direct how his property shall be disposed of.

The onus of proving the above lies on me.  Indeed a challenging case…

Gerakan Selangor State Liaison Committee



Gearing up for 14GE…



Malaysia is a secular nation.


Enough have been said and explained whether is Malaysia a secular nation.  Our first Prime Minister and the Supreme Court had endorsed it.  It is never an issue…